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AS USA most read news in english - June 16th, 2018

AS USA most read news in english - June 16th, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo started the World Cup as one of the most dominant players and everyone is talking about him; Donovan, Roncero and Pedrerol are some of them.
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1 | El irónico mensaje de Donovan a Cristiano tras su hat trick

Landon Donovan is watching the World Cup in his house, but that does not stop him from talking about the tournament. The american midfielder was a spectator during the Portugal and Spain match, where Cristiano Ronaldo scored three goals. "Two hours ago, I had more career World Cup goals than Ronaldo, clearly making me the better player. Then he scored a hat trick", said 'Captain America'.

2 | El análisis de Roncero tras el hat-trick de Cristiano a España

Tomás Roncero, AS journalist, analyzed Cristiano Ronaldo's hat trick. The spanish is a Real madrid fan, but he cheers first for his country and is trying to think about the future of his squad in the World Cup. Also, he recognized 'CR7' as the best player in the tournament.

3 | Argentina y Messi se atascan

Argentina is having troubles; big ones. The national squad tried to defeat Iceland in their first game in Rusia 2018, but it was impossible to pass through a viking barrier. Messi missed a penalty and, in spite of the multiple opportunities, the 'Albiceleste' went back to their hotel with a tie.

4 | La reacción en directo de Pedrerol al gol de falta de Cristiano

Everyone was thrilled about Cristiano Ronaldo's free kick goal. Well, almost everyone. 'El Chiringuito', spanish program, lived the moment as one of the worst in the World Cup history. The victory was there, but Real Madrid's striker appeared and stole the show in the beginning of Rusia 2018.

5 | Piqué: "Yo le dije al club que Griezmann se quedaba; Bartomeu me llamó porque estaba jodido"

Piqué, spanish centre-back, is frustrated. He is living a tough moment with his squad and Barcelona. First, Lopetegui quits the ship and signs with Real Madrid. Then, Antoine Griezmann revealed that he would not join the 'blaugranas'. Also, the national team tied their first game against Portugal in a game that was under control for them.

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