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AS USA most read news in english - June 11th, 2018

AS USA most read news in english - June 11th, 2018

Neymar is in the eye of the hurricane: he scored one of the best goals in his career before the World Cup and also his price is making FIFA to take decisions.
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1 | Neymar marca uno de los goles de su vida: el regate es para no dormir

Neymar is one of the stars that will shine in Russia. The World Cup is just around the corner and the brazilian striker is preparing at his best. He demonstrated that he had a great recovery and scored one of the most beautiful goals in his carrer against Austria. Pure quality from the PSG player.

2 | Así pasan sus vacaciones los futbolistas

Everyone need to rest a little and get some time off. The soccer players are aware of the situation and they need to relax during their vacations. The ones that will not be in the World Cup try to clear their mind from soccer and most of them prefer to take a trip with their families and get to know new countries.

3 | Neymar y Cristiano llevan a legislar un límite de gasto

The market for soccer players is increasing quickly. Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar just made FIFA to think in the theme and the organization is trying to put a limit in the slary cap for transfers. "We need to put some rules to regularize the movements because they are creating suspicions", said Infantino to 'Le Parisien'.

4 | Un acuerdo impide la cesión de Vinicius a clubes europeos

Vinicius will be a Real Madrid player next season, or at least he thinks so. The brazilian has two options: play for the spanish club or go back to Flamengo. According to the press, the 'Merengues' will consider if he is capable to join the squad, but in case he could not make it, he will play for his "former" team as he can't stay in Europe with another franchise.

5 | El gesto de Salah con un aficionado por tocarle el hombro

Mohamed Salah has arrived to Russia for the World Cup, but he is not quite comfortable with his shoulder injury. When he got off the bus, a fan reached him in order to take a picture, but he touched his upper arm and Salah made a gesture to reject him as he is still in pain.

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