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AS USA most read news in english - May 26th, 2018

AS USA most read news in english - May 26th, 2018

Famous persons that are fans of Real Madrid, the Champions League's title for the spanish squad and the great gesture of Cristiano with a camera man.

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1 | Famosos que son del Real Madrid y no lo sabías

Real Madrid is one of the most recognized clubs around the world. The team has touched millions of hearts, including the ones from famous people. Tom Cruise, Plácido Domingo, Jennifer López, Ryan Reynolds, Fernando Alonso and some other celebrities are true fans of the actual Europe's champions.

2 | Resultado y goles Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool: la 13ª Champions

The final game of Champions League presented two teams that gave it all to lift the cup, but only one did: Real Madrid. The team celebrated their 13th Champions League, but the entire city was thrilled about the news and to add one more trophy to their museum.

3 | Real Madrid 3 - 1 Liverpool: resumen, resultado y goles

This is not a Real Madrid's countdown, but today the team was in the eye of every soccer fan. Spain's squad won their 13th Champions League by defeating Liverpool FC. Gareth Bale scored two goals, but everyone pointed out Karius as the main responsible of the final score with two horrible mistakes in the second half.

4 | ¡Palmas! El gesto de Cristiano tras darle balonazo a un periodista

Before the match started, the Champions League's finalists entered the pitch in order to practica a little bit for the game. Cristiano Ronaldo made a mistake and, when he was trying to reach the goal with the ball, he hit a journalist, but what he did next was terrific. The striker reached the man and gave him his sweatshirt as an apology for the cut he received near the eye.

5 | Cristiano sugiere que se va del Madrid: "Fue bonito estar aquí; daré una respuesta en días..."

Did Cristiano Ronaldo gave a clue about his future? Some might say he did. When the game against Liverpool was over, CR7 was interviewed by a journalist and he mad a statement that didn't have Real Madrid's calm. "It was great to be here; I will give a response in the next days", said the striker about his continuity in Spain.

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