Marlins Park won't be home of Inter Miami for the 2020 season

David Beckham during the presentation of his MLS team, Inter Miami

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The MLB team thinks that their facility doesn't work for David Beckham's Inter Miami team because the baseball season overlaps with the MLS. FIU could be the new option.

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Looks like a plan C will be in place for David Beckham and company as neither Marlins Park nor Hard Rock Stadium may be achievable as the temporary home of Inter Miami in the 2020 season.

The Marlins said no to Beckham's Miami team as they think their facility doesn't work because the baseball season overlaps with the MLS.

"We’ve had some conversations with MLS Miami and Jorge Mas and his team, Both sides, to each party’s credit, has been focused on making sure this is the right operational fit. I think the reality is, we’ve both realized, it probably isn’t,” said Marlins Director of Operations, Chip Bowers.

But apparently, Beckham and co-owner Jorge Mas have another venue in mind that looks to be Florida International University (FIU) for its first MLS season.

According to Mas the announcement on the site that will be Inter Miami home will come late February or early March.