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UEFA Champions League

Which team does Zlatan support Barcelona or Manchester United?

The LA Galaxy striker believes Lionel Messi and Pogba will be crucial for their respective teams to take on the victory in the Champions League match on Wednesday.

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Collage of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, left side with Manchester United and right side with FC Barcelona

There's no other with the authority of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and if its to talk about his former teams, Manchester United and FC Barcelona, he has all the rights to speak about the Champions League match that will face both his ex-clubs.

The Swedish Lion couldn't pick which one he'll support to reach the next stage of the European tournament, but the LA Galaxy captain has something clear about which players will be key for the April 10th game at Old Trafford.

Barcelona posted a video on Twitter where Zlatan spoke about the UCL match, about his time in with the Blaugrana, but in the end, he didn't lean to one side or the other.

"I think it's gonna be an interesting game, two big teams, two big clubs playing against each other, both clubs with great history will be exciting to see, let's see how's the strongest on that day."

Lionel Messi - Paul Pogba

Ibrahimovic highlighted the key players for both teams, Messi and Pogba, as both will be factors to achieve the first leg match victory on Wednesday and all the way to the next UCL round.

"A battle between Messi and Pogba even though it is a collective sport and that in these games the important thing is the team and not individualities, I think that these will be the players that will make the difference, it will be interesting," concluded the LA Galaxy star.