Pozuelo wins best goal of the week over Rooney and Vela

The new Toronto FC midfielder has had a great week, becoming the player of the match in his debut and now his goal was chosen as the best too.

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Alejandro Pozuelo kisses his tattoo as he celebrates after scoring on a penalty shot against New York City FC
Chris Young AP

The Spanish midfielder, Alejandro Pozuelo had a dreamlike debut with Toronto FC, as the 27-year-old player on his first game in the MLS, was chosen the player of the match in the 4-0 victory against NYCFC.

Alex Pozuelo scored a double in his debut with Toronto, and one of those goals, his second one to be exact was picked as the best goal of the week, over the ones made by Mexican Carlos Vela or former Manchester United star, Wayne Rooney.

Alejandro Pozuelo's goal

The Spaniard scored the last and winning goal for Toronto at the 78th minute, goal chosen as the best of the week. It was a left-footed shot with a vaseline effect that became impossible for the New York City FC goalkeeper, Sean Johnson, to stop.

Carlos Vela and Wayne Rooney goals

The Mexican striker scored during the LAFC win over San José, and Vela score his first hat-trick at the MLS, while Rooney made an outstanding free-kick from an almost impossible angle. However, the goal from the Spaniard Alex Pozuelo received the most votes.

Alejandro Pozuelo got 37% of the votes, while Carlos Vela received the 21% and Wayne Rooney 18% that placed him at the third place of the votes.