Vancouver is clear that LA Galaxy is more than just Zlatan

Los Angeles Galaxy forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic, center, is hugged by teammates after scoring against the Portland Timbers

Marcio Jose Sanchez


LA Galaxy will visit the Canadian team at BC Place during week 6 of the MLS, and the hosts' are clear that the visitors are much more than just Zlatan.

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This Friday the LA Galaxy will visit the Vancouver Whitecaps on week 6 of the MLS, and the Canadians are getting ready to host their main rivals in the West Conference, as the team of up north arrives urged to get points.

To go against the LA Galaxy is not an easy task, as the team coached by Barros Schelotto, is led by none other than Zlatan Ibrahimovic, something the Whitecaps are aware of, and if they want to win, they should focus on the whole team and not only on the Swedish star.

LA Galaxy more than Zlatan?

The Vancouver Whitecaps, Marco Dos Santos was asked about the strategy he has to defend against Ibrahimovic, but the head coach was clear on saying that the LA team is not only the striker.

"Zlatan is a dangerous player that can make a difference at any point, but it's not just about him, it's the whole team."

The defender Doneil Henry is aware of what Ibrahimovic brings to the pitch, but he thinks that doesn't mean they will lose their focus or their goal to defeat them.

"We know what Zlatan brings and that he is a quality player, he can hurt us in the blink of an eye, and we respect him, but we're focused on our game and what we have to do."

"It's not just him (Ibra) he's part of a team, and they have other dangerous players, but if we focus on defending as a group, as a unit, they won't be able to hurt us," sentenced the 25-year-old defender.