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LA Galaxy

Zlatan Ibrahimovic disappointed for his goals with LA Galaxy

The LA Galaxy star felt disappointed after not being able to fulfill the promise he made to his son about scoring a hat-trick by only scoring a double.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic #9 of Los Angeles Galaxy celebrates a goal during the second half against the Portland Timbers
Katharine Lotze AFP

Even though LA Galaxy won against the runner-up from last season, the Portland Timbers, there was one member of the LA team that wasn't entirely happy with the result.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic left the match on Sunday a bit disappointed after scoring only two goals in his comeback game after being away from the fields since week 2 due to an Achilles injury.

The reason? Well, the Swedish star promised his son that he would score a hat-trick and by scoring only a double, he didn't fully honor his promise, though he did help the Galaxy beat the Timbers for the third consecutive home win of the LA squad.

"I was very close to the hat trick, I should have scored, I promised my son three goals, and I did not give my son three goals."

Zlatan scored a penalty in each half of the game for the 2-1 victory of the team lead by Guillermo Barros Schelotto over the Portland Timbers, made an outstanding shot that was blocked by the post.

Ibrahimovic's advice on penalty kicks

The 37-years-old striker is still quick on his feet and knows how to kick a penalty, and by the likes of it, he proved it on Sunday by scoring two and one of them Panenka-style.

But, the most important part of it, was his comment after the game, where he gives essential advice on his approach in taking the penalties.

"Believe me, when you shoot penalties, you shouldn't overthink, you have to stand up and score, it's that easy, which is not, I was focused, but Attinella took too much time to prepare, sometimes you have to wait, be patient," he concluded.