Nani is eager to face Wayne Rooney in the MLS

 Wayne Rooney of Manchester United celebrates scoring his hat-trick with Nani

Julian Finney

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After just over ten years Wayne Rooney is set to reunite with his former Manchester United teammate, but this time they will do it as rivals.

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Nani and Rooney's paths will cross again, but this time in different teams since they face each other this Sunday when D.C. United visits Orlando City, Nani's new team.

This game will be the first time the Lions' attacker will meet a great friend again after more than 10 years since Nani and Rooney shared dressing room for eight years with Manchester United.

The Portuguese decided to travel the world and leave the 'Red Devils' back in 2007, but during his stay in Manchester United, both Rooney and Nani lead the English club to the top of the Premier League and Europe.

The Reunion

Nani talked about meeting again with former teammate Wayne Rooney in an interview with CNN where he said; "We will meet here in Orlando, I haven't seen him for a long time, it'll be a good time to catch up and talk a little."

He also mentioned that he hopes they will put on a good show for the fans, as they will challenge each other and in the end will be able to sit down and relax a bit.

Nani arrived at the MLS in January, as a Designated Player of Orlando City, and has been getting used to the league little by little as it's not as easy as one may think because of the diversity in schedules, heights, and environments.

For his part, Rooney joined D.C. United as a Designated Player in June 2018, and since then he has shown his quality, so much that nowadays he is a firm candidate to become the 2019 MVP and could end as the MLS scorer.