Matías Almeyda praises the qualities of Carlos Vela

The squad of the Argentine strategist will face Los Angeles FC, the team of Carlos Vela, in their quest to revert their lousy start to the season.

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Matías Almeyda coach of San José Earthquakes

The San José Earthquakes will receive Los Angeles FC on Saturday, and during the press conference before the game, Quakes coach, Matías Almeyda highlighted the qualities of the Mexican, Carlos Vela.

Almeyda mentioned that Vela is one of the best players in Mexican soccer as he's a player with high quality, "He is an excellent player that can mark a difference, a player that has European experience and in the last season he did pretty well."

The former Chivas coach also said that LAFC captain is great making ball stopped goals, excellent with the ball in motion and scores goals, which speaks of a great player."

The Argentine strategist had a lot to say about the Mexican in the wake of the game the San José has where they will try to revert their terrible start of the season against Bob Bradley squad.

San José Earthquakes

Almeyda talked about Saturday's match and what is expected from the game.

"We want to propose our game and try to overcome them in each line, to be able to control the game and take care of the dangerous players like Vela."

The Quakes march to the bottom of the Western Conference of the MLS with three games played and three losses.