Winter Olympics

Steven Holcomb receives two Olympic medals post mortem

The former Olympic bobsled champion of the United States was awarded two silver medals won in Sochi 2014, the family will receive them, after the death of the athlete.

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Steven Holcomb after wining in Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic bronze with the USA

Steven Holcomb was an American athlete and a Bobsleigh pilot until he died after a tragic accident in 2017, now the Olympic Committee has awarded him two silver medals.

The family of Holcomb will receive the two silver medals given to the former athlete; medals from the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014, Steven will get them after the disqualification of Russia in the discipline due to the doping scandal.

"We are very proud of Steven, of everything he has accomplished on and off the ice," said Holcomb's mother to the United States Olympic Committee. "We would have liked him to be able to receive his medals with his teammates, but it is an honor for the family to receive them in his name," his mother sustained.

Holcomb Olympic medals

Steven Holcomb has three Olympic medals, a gold obtained in Vancouver 2010 and now two silver medals in Sochi 2014, which previously were bronze.

Russia's disqualification

In November 2017, the International Olympic Committee decided to disqualify several Russian athletes for positive doping, among them the flag-bearer and leader of the Bobsleigh team, Alexander Zubkov.

With the disqualification of Zubkov and his team, that got the gold in Bobsleigh; the medal podium moved and the United States, which had been in third place, were sent to second place.