Superclub World Cup

Tokyo will invest a billion euros in the Super Club World Cup

The tournament will be held between June 17 and July 4, 2021, and will include Champions League, Europa League, and CONCACAF champions.

Estados Unidos
Real Madrid celebrating being champions of the Club World Cup

FIFA has received a grand offer from Tokio to organize the first edition of the Superclubs World Cup, which will be held between June 17th and July 4rd, 2021.

Where the winners from the Champions and Europa League from the last four season will participate; CONCACAF, Africa, and Asia will provide three clubs each, while Oceania will send one to make a total of 24 teams that will share more than one billion euros in two weeks.

Infantino has reached an agreement with the Japanese bank SoftBank, that leads a group of investors willing to spend 20,300 million euros in the competitions organized by FIFA in the next decade.

Barcelona to be part of?

The Spanish team has not been openly in favor of the new Club World Cup, but Jordi Cardoner, vice president of the Catalan club knows something that is: to pay the Messi, Luis Suárez and company must go to the Superleague and Superclub World Cup.


The Club World Cup will be held every four years (although South America wants it to be every two) is designed for 24 teams in a new competition setup: eight groups of three teams.

It's the same system that will be put into motion at the 2026 World Cup and perhaps earlier in Qatar 2022, if the FIFA Assembly approves it on June 5 in Paris.