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Diego Reyes doesn't rule out a move to the Liga MX

The Mexican defender who currently plays for the Spanish team Leganés spoke about his career plans for the future leaving an open door for México.

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Diego Reyes during practice with the Mexican National Team at Chula Vista California
Osvaldo Aguilar MEXSPORT

Diego Reyes is living a good moment in his professional career as he has become a regular piece of the Spanish team, Leagnés, after living a nightmare through his pass in Turkey with Fenerbahçe.

Despite the regularity he's having in Spain, the Mexican defender doesn't rule out to go back to the Liga MX as he mentions in an interview with Televisa Deportes.

"I never close the door to anyone, my idea is to stay in Europe a while longer but comes the time, it's a decision I will take with my family, I'll think it through, analyze it, but for the moment I want to stay in Europe."

Reyes talked about this new stage in his career and being back in Spain; " I'm very happy enjoying this new time in the Spanish football. It has been quite a year in which I learned a lot of things; I mature by not going to the World Cup in Russia."


Diego Reyes also talked about his time in Turkey in which he mentions going there with enthusiasm, but it wasn't what he wanted.

"Now I'm in a place that I enjoy and in my opinion the best league in the world."

The Mexican defender has played 269 minutes with Leganés, while with the Turkish team he had little activity in the league but reached 349 minutes at the Europa League.