El Tri

1x1 from Mexico: Jiménez opened the scoreboard through a penalty kick

The Mexican National Team started Gerardo Martino's process, and all responded greatly, and the majority fulfilled but the strikers shined.


The Mexican National Team started Gerardo Martino's process, and all responded greatly, and the majority fulfilled but the strikers shined.

Guillermo Ochoa: The Mexican goalkeeper had a splendid action during the first half of the game to keep his net at cero. However, Nico Castillo scored for the Chileans in a play in which Memo couldn't do anything.

Luis Rodríguez: Was the most involved player of the game, 'Chaka' couldn't connect with Pizarro or Hirving, center a few times but without direction, but he did his part on the defense.

Carlos Salcedo: He had little participation, but the best thing he did was to fight the balls from the top, they hardly won them, he cut balls, though he lacked to go out playing although it is not his thing.

Hector Moreno: A mistake by Pizarro almost ended in a goal, Ochoa left, 'Nico' pumping and near the line of lime, the center burst it for a band. In the second goal he, Salcedo and Alvarez lost sight of Castillo who scored. His goal was a great shot, he threw himself, turned his neck and put it on the second post of the goalkeeper.

Jesús Gallardo: He didn't look comfortable in a four-line seemed to doubt and was accelerated in the first few minutes. In the second half, he calmed down.

Edson Álvarez: The most misplaced player he was all over the field, arrived late to make the 2-1, in the end, maybe because of fatigue remained in the center circle.

Andrés Guardado: The one that ran the most in Mexico, fought down, in the middle, up, everywhere. But he didn't shoot once. The best at the end of the match although he got out at the 74th minute for Erick Gutierrez.

Carlos Rodríguez: Made his debut with the National team, asked for the ball whenever he could, by its band Aranguiz didn't go through not even once, between him and Guardado complicated things to Vidal. Like Gallardo, he dedicated himself to defend in the second half.

Hirving Lozano: 'Chucky' was moving from one band to the other, and appeared so little in the first half thanks to Maripan that had him well controlled. Squeezed after celebrating the second goal, Pizarro served him and sent over Arias to score the third.

Rodolfo Pizarro: Pizarro was everywhere, on the left and right, was the one that more balls to the area sent. He was inches from connecting with Jiménez in the first half. He collaborated recovering the ball for the goal of 'Chucky' assisting him.

Raúl Jiménez: He moved and asked for the ball sometimes getting desperate, but he was always on point. He took the penalty and like an expert scored the first goal.


Erick Gutiérrez: Got in for Andres Guardado, was only a few minutes in the field, touched the ball a few times, opened on the left, tried to connect game changes but they were very short.

Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández: He dedicated himself to win balls over the top. In the end, a shot from Luis Montes hit him in the back and got into the goal but, it was a no goal by offside position.

Diego Lainez: He came for Hirving Lozano, and he sought to face, overflow, little managed to generate, but it shows when he is on the field.

Luis Montes: 'Chapito' had just under 5 minutes; the most important play he got was his shot that bounced on the back of 'Chicharito' and ended in a goal.

Miguel Layún: He was 120 seconds in the field, played it once, and served to Erick Gutiérrez.