USA 1-0 Ecuador

The USA vs. Ecuador live and direct: Friendly FIFA Date

Follow the preview and play by play of the USA vs. Ecuador, friendly match corresponding to the March FIFA date, which will be at 20:00 ET.

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Weston McKennie in action during the friendly match between the USA and Ecuador
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Final Half | USA 1-0 Ecuador, Friendly FIFA Date

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Gregg Berhalter is the second MNT coach to win each of his first three games
Zardes scores for the late win of the USMNT

95' GAME OVER !!!! The United States take the win, the third win of Berhalter's era

93'   The Americans find a clear space and create a dangerous play. However, Dominguez follows it closely and blocks the attempt.

92'   Ecuador tries to find a clear space but after the almost fatal mistake, the USMNT defense is on point

90'   The referee adds 5 more minutes to the game

89'   Ecuador plays back the ball and slows even more the rythm of the game

87'   What a mistake by the States defense for Ecuador to go all the way to the net but the attempt is blocked by the late definition from the South Americans

86'   Ecuador pressures the locals and sends them to their field but the USMNT is on point

84'   The game's still pretty much the same with the United States trying to find spaces and Ecuador blocking them away

82'   Despite the goal, the USMNT can't get into the field of Ecuador that has pull back completely

80' GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL ZARDES! The USMNT takes the lead after 80 minutes of play

78'   The USA nearly craft a dangerous attack through Lletget but Ecuador once again blocks the attempt of the locals

77'   All the changes disrupted the rythm of the game, the USMNT are trying hard to generate some momentum again

75' Substitution USA. In goes Lewis for Arriola

73'   The States remain controling the ball but their lack of offensiveness has them without being able to reach the visitors net

73'   The camera close-up in McKennie who looks devastated on the bench

71' Substitution Ecuador. Andrés Ibarra comes out for Julio Palacios

70'   The USMNT try not to lose the ball but after McKennie's absence Ecuador starst pressuring up front

68' Substitution USA. McKennie out for DeAndre Yedlin

66'   McKennie leaves the field to get treatment and the game's back on!

64'   McKennie (USA) goes down and there's a break in the game as he receives treatment

64'   The stars and stripes squad is preparing a new change

63'   The USMNT is camped in Ecuador's half but can't find the space to make some danger

61' Substitution USA. Pulisic leaves the field in goes Sebastian Lletget

60'   Pulisic with the attempt but is closed by the South American defense that clears the play and send the ball all across the field

58' Substitution. In comes Bradley for Trapp

57'   Corner for the stars and stripes. Ecuador's defense blocks the attempt

55' Yellow card for Paul Joseph Arriola

52'   Adams as a full.back helps the USMNT keep the possession of the ball by overloading the midfield

50'   McKinney's attempt goes right to the hands of Ecuador's goalie Dominguez

48'   The start of this half has been more even so far with Ecuador way more involved

46'   Ecuador wants to take control of the game and starts pressuring early in the second half

45' Substitution. In goes Leonardo Campana for Renato Ibarra (Ecuador)

45' Second half is underway!

One of the many chances the United States had during the first half

45' The first 45 minutes are over, while the United States have control grand part of the game, the local haven't been able to find the back of Ecuador's net. Ecuador have dealt with the States pressure to keep the game at cero

43'   Foul by Caicedo, the USMNT get a free kick on the offensive attack

41'   Ibarra (Ecuador) with the attempt, but the American defense clears the field and takes back the ball

40'   Game is back on and Ecuador has the ball

38'   Ecuador's medical assistance get into the field to attend Caicedo

38'   Momentarly paused. An Ecuadorian player is down on the field

36'   PULISIC !!! The Borussia Dortmund player can't jump high enough to direct a left-wing cross and it bounces wide for a goal-kick

34'   Adams is often drifting into the middle when the USA have the possesion to provide an extra passing option

33'   Ecuador with the ball tries to control the game but the States are pressuring them and get back the ball

32'   ECUADOR SO CLOSE !!!! An splendid attempt by the South Americans that goes close by up the post of the United States net

30'   The USMNT plays the ball in Ecuador's field trying to find the space to attack, but the South Americans are taking the pressure

28'   OFFSIDE !! for the United States

27'   Pulisic tries to dance his way through the crowd, but it's desperately hacked clear

25'   WHAT A MISSED !!!! Arriola (USMNT) had the first goal but the attempt is blocked by Dominguez

23'   Pulisic attempt goes to the back post, McKennie to nod back across goal but Ecuador manage to scramble the ball away.

22'   Corner for the USMNT !!! The attempt os blocked by the South American defense

21'   Ecuador gets the ball but have a lack of penetration and movement off of it

20'   The USMNT are now defening in a 4-4-2 with McKennie dropping alongside Trapp

19'   Tyler Adams trys to start the offensive move but Ecuador is on spot and stops the play and takes back the ball

17'   Ecuador gets the ball and plays it at the back in a bid to kill the States momentum

15'   Ecuador have relieved the pressure from the USMNT but don't look like getting the control of the game any time soon

14'   McKennie wins a free kick but Pulisic's attempt is blocked by Mendez that send it to the corner

12'   Ream is an unfamiliar left back position and Ecuador's with Valencia is looking to exploit the Fulham defender's lack of pace

11'   The visitors are dealing with a lot of pressure but they also found the space to get onto the locals field!

9'   Corner for Ecuador !! The United States defense blocks the Ecuadorians attempt

7'   Ecuador with the ball and get to the locals field, but the USMNT is on spot and blocks the South Americans attempt

6'   Pulisic flowing move on the righ side of the box is blocked by Caicedo! The USMNT had the first attempt

5'   CORNER for the United States

3'   The USMNT keeps pressuring the South Americans at their field

1' The United States are moving the ball trying to start the offensive play at Ecuador's field

HERE WE GO !!! The United States moves the ball in the begining of the first half

Hernán Darío Gómez (Ecuador) replaced eight of the 11 players who started their last game, a 2-1 away victory over Panama in November last year. Only Paredes, Caicedo and Mendez keep their place.

It's almost time, the USMNT take the field!
The stars and stripes locker room's looking sharp and ready for the game!
The United States men's national team arrives at the Orlando City Stadium
  Ecuador presents their lineup for tonite!
  The USMNT lineup against Ecuador is ready and set!!!  

Welcome to the preview and play by play of the USA vs. Ecuador, a friendly match that both teams will hold this Thursday, March 21, from Orlando City Stadium, in Florida for the March FIFA Date.

The United States men's national team took the control of the ball very early in the game; however, they failed to create the spaces in order to made some danger in the visitors net. Arriola was twice denied a goal, first by the South American goalkeeper and then by an offside.

While everything seemed to end in a scoreless game, Zarde's shot deflected up and over Dominguez' hand to take the lead 1-0 late in the game. With this win coach Gregg Berhalter is the second USMNT head coach to win each of his first three matches.