Wayne Rooney wants Chicharito and Paul Pogba at the MLS

Chicharito and Wayne Rooney celebrating while both were playing for Manchester United

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The English striker of D.C. United spoke about the current affairs of the MLS and said he would like to have quality players like Pogba and Chicharito in the league.

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Wayne Rooney in an interview with ESPN talked about the latest news surrounding the MLS assuring that Pogba would be a great addition to the league if he decided to make a move. The English star was questioned about the probable arrival of Chicharito Hernández to the American league.

Rooney, who plays with D.C. United, believes the MLS is growing in terms of quality and that soon there will be several cases such as the one of Miguel Almirón who make the from Atlanta United to the Premier League with Newcastle.

"There is a lot of quality in the league, and there are many players who could play in the Premier League, soon there will be more players like Miguel Almirón."

Wayne Rooney is also sure about which payer he would bring to the MLS: "There are a lot of players who could come over and could be very successful here. Obviously, players, I have played with like Paul Pogba or Marcus Rashford. I know Pogba loves coming to the States, his brother is here, so I'm sure he'd be a great signing for anyone."

But the former Manchester United striker also said that if Paul Pogba considered a move to the United States one day, "it would be an appropriate end to his career."

MLS Chicharito's rumors

Wayne Rooney was asked about the rumors that have Chicharito Hernández arriving at the American league to which he replied: "Chicha's a fantastic player... he is a great person, thought the 33-year-old player didn't confirm if the Mexican will reach the MLS.

But he assured that if Javier Hernández did arrive at the MLS, he wants him as a teammate: "If Chicharito comes to the MLS, of course, I want him on my team," Rooney concluded.