Ibrahimovic charges against Scholes, Neville and Paul Ince

Ibrahimovic charged against Scholes, Neville, and Ince for flaying the club on television: "With Ferguson, they did not speak, now they cannot stop criticizing."

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Los Angeles Galaxy warming up before the MLS Opening day

Zlatan Ibrahimovic played with Manchester United between 2016 and 2018, and when some of the ex-players of the 'Red Devils' that are now sports commentators start making derogatory comments against some of the players trained by Solskjaer, he doesn't stop himself to criticize them.

The now LA Galaxy player reproached Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, and Paul Ince for not open their mouths when they were in the team coached by Alex Ferguson, but can't stop bad talking the club now.

The Swedish star scolded the negative attitude of the former United players: "They're no longer in the club, they can't be all the time complaining and criticizing on TV. If they want to work with the club, go ask for a job instead of always complain and criticize the team on TV."

Ibrahimovic in comments to 'The Mirror' fired back saying: "Yes, we all know that your time is over." Zlatan is not happy with the constant criticisms of Paul Pogba who was at Manchester United when he was young and now is back.

"The former players from Ferguson's circle don't like that because they stayed the whole time with the same coach, and didn't speak their mind, they just opened their mouths if Ferguson let them. Now they're on television and talk, but I don't know if they have Ferguson's authorization," concluded Zlatan with a lot of irony.