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Marco Fabián places Chicharito as third best Mexican in history

The Philadelphia Union midfielder said the success of Javier Hernández is the reward for all his efforts, something that not everyone values.

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Chicharito and Marco Fabián training with the Mexican National Team

To Marco Fabián, Javier Hernández it's in the third historical place in Mexican soccer, as he placed him with no hesitation, behind Hugo Sánchez and Rafa Marquez when questioned in an interview with Fernando Cevallos for beIN SPORTS about the site Chicharito occupies in Mexico.

"He is a person who beyond friendship, of all the things we have lived together, has earned it, and deserves it, and it is the reward because we know what it cost him to be there. We can still have the pride of seeing him on the fields and enjoy it."

"He keeps gathering triumphs and keeps breaking records, sometimes a lot of people don't get to see what he has done worldwide, where he has put Mexico in. I can keep praising him and wishing him the best of success" explained the former Chivas player, in agreement with Cevallos regarding Chicharito's place in the story.

Javier Hernández

Both were partners in Chivas, as well as in the Mexican National Team. Hernandez is the Tri's top scorer, has goals in the World Cup and has played with Manchester United and Real Madrid, playing in a Champions League final with Sir Alex Ferguson's 'Red Devils.'