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Jona dos Santos: 'Tata' Martino won't give me anything for free

Jona dos Santos at practice with the Mexican National Team

Osvaldo Aguilar


The Mexican midfielder talked about his relationship with the Argentine, Gerardo 'Tata' Martino saying it won't influence for the National Team.

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The LA Galaxy midfielder is happy to return to a call-up with the Mexican National Team, which is now in charge of an old acquaintance of him from his time in the Old Continent, Gerardo Martino.

Although Jonathan dos Santos met 'Tata' Martino when he was playing in Barcelona, the Mexican discards that this fact comes as an advantage for him in 'El Tri.'

"I talked with him right from the start, when I knew he was going to be the new manager of the National Team, basically we talked about if I wanted to return to the team, to play. He obviously wants the best of me, and won't give me anything for free just because he knows me from previous years," explained Jona.

The younger of the Dos Santos restated his confidence in the Argentine strategist, and that 'Tata' Martino will help develop the Mexican National Team.

"Clearly this is a new stage, and that is good, I know the Mister because I spent a year working with him at Barcelona, which is why I know he will help us a great deal to be better.

LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy will play his third match of the 2019 MLS season on Saturday against Minnesota United. The Mexican, Jona dos Santos has played the first two games of the season where they have one win and one loss.