Marco Fabián knows what to do to succeed at Philadelphia Union

Marco Fabián in action with his new team Philadelphia Union of the MLS

The newly Designated Player of the Philadelphia Union, Marquito Fabián explained how he would contribute to his new team and what his job is all about.

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Marco Fabián just started his adventure with the Philadelphia Union in the MLS, but his rivals won't grant him anything as it happened at the Opening Day match in which the Mexican spent most of the game trying to get rid of the mark of Michael Bradly.

Although the expectations on the Marquito are high, he doesn't arrive to win a particular game or a personal duel; he comes to the team to change the face of Philly and become the engine that produces the Union game.

"It's a matter of 'timing' when I move; I create space; that's my job to find space and move, to know when someone is coming to me and then play the ball through the area."

The Mexican is also aware that he'll be targeted to be nullified by the rivals, which is why he tries to give solutions for this and find benefits that this could bring to the team.

It takes time to adapt, adequate and to display his best version, but Fabián is a smart player, and with freedom for his vision of the game, he will contribute to Philadelphia even if he's marked collectively.

Philadelphia Union

Marco Fabián didn't blame the short time with his teammates as responsible for his performance against Toronto; he said "I felt good playing with my teammates" in an interview with

Marquito assured Philly will be ready to take on Sporting Kansas City this weekend as they would for every game seeking to get every victory.