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Héctor Herrera close to reaching an agreement with Atlético

Atlético de Madrid closed to getting Mexican midfielder from Porto, Héctor Herrera as he will be free on June 30 after rejecting a contract renewal with the Portuguese club.

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Porto's Mexican midfielder Hector Herrera (R) vies with Benfica's Portuguese defender Andre Almeida during the Portuguese League football match between FC Porto and SL Benfica

The Mexican midfielder, Héctor Herrera is one step closer to sign with Atlético Madrid, as reported in Spain, with a contract that will keep him in the Spanish capital for three or four seasons.

Herrera will arrive with 'Los rojiblancos' in a free transfer, as the still Porto player will be free on June 30th after rejecting a contract renewal with the Portuguese team.

Herrera has a very technical quality, but he stands out for his physical display and intensity and his arrival to Atleti is under the approval of Argentine strategist, Cholo Simeone who is said, asked for the signing of the Mexican player.

Héctor Herrera would rather arrive in Spain as he likes Spanish soccer a lot and would want to play under the orders of Simeone, being the interest of the Atleti's coach one of the main factors for the Mexican to choose to play at the Metropolitan.

Although Atlético Madrid is not the only team interest in getting Herrera, as Roma, Inter Milan, Arsenal, and Olympique de Lyon are also in the run to get Héctor Herrera.