Cristiano Ronaldo praises Chinese player from Espanyol

The Portuguese took the chance to dedicate a message through social media to the player from Espanyol, Wu Lei who scored his first goal against Valladolid.

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Collage of Cristiano Ronaldo and Wu Lei Chinese player from Espanyol

Since Wu Lei signed with Espanyol, he has not disappointed, and after his goal against Valladolid, which was the first goal from a Chinese player in the history of LaLiga, he's been praised by stars like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo dedicated nice words to Wu Lein, who in China got 14 times more impact in social networks with his goal than any score made by Lionel Messi, and yes, Kaká praised him recently but now is the Portuguese owner of five Balon d'Or, who surrender to the Espanyol attacker.

Weibo, that has around ten million users in China was the social network chosen by Ronaldo to post a picture of him with Wu Lei taken at a promotional event in Asia last July, in which both players exchanged shirts of their National teams, where Cristiano and Wu Lei wear the number 7.

Cristiano Ronaldo praises Chinese player from Espanyol

Cristiano Ronaldo's post about Wu Lei

Post that follows with the message: "A goal in Spain, a great milestone for China."

There are those who see in Wu Lei the Chinese Messi. But Cristiano, for now, believes that the Espanyol player has a lot to say in LaLiga.