Vela spoke about the difference among MLS, Premier and LaLiga

Carlos Vela celebration with LAFC of the MLS after scoring



The Mexican forward spoke about the differences between playing in the First Division of England, Spain and the USA. Saying the MLS is more competitive.

Estados Unidos

Carlos Vela who began his professional career in Europe where he played in England Spain is an authorized voice to talk about the differences between said countries and the MLS.

The Mexican striker talked with John Laguna from Fox Sports where he compared the leagues in which he has played after one season in the United States.

Vela mentioned that the Premier League is tough with a lot of back and forth while in Spain it is more tactical soccer, touching more the ball. In terms of the MLS, the LAFC attacker said there is a bit of everything due to a lot of players coming from Europe.

"In England, it's very physical soccer, faster with stronger players that don't ask for faults which I think is what characterizes it; the come and go of the Premier League. LaLiga is more tactical with a lot of quality; people like to play with the ball, while here in the MLS is a mix of everything with players from Europe and Latin America, we're trying to build a league of great level."

The Mexican mentioned that what surprised him about the MLS, is the fact that the leader of the league can win against his closest pursuer but can easily lose to the last place contender, something that could consider the difference between MLS and Europe.

LAFC goal for their second MLS season

Before the end of Vela's conversation with John Laguna, Carlos said that the team must become champion this season, as they already went through their first season, so there are no excuses; the mission is to be champions.

Taking into account that LAFC first season proved to be a great one as they broke some records like the highest number of points during an MLS regular season debut.

The task for this year is to improve what was done and go all the way to achieve to the MLS Cup final and perhaps become champions.