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Zlatan Ibrahimovic talked about Giovani dos Santos departure

Collage of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Giovani dos Santos with LA Galaxy

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The Swedish striker spoke about the departure of the oldest of the Dos Santos where he stressed that the Mexican could've stayed in LA Galaxy and prove himself.

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After a great start of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the 2019 MLS season, the LA Galaxy captain talked in mixed zone about Giovani dos Santos and his departure from the team.

The Swedish star mentioned that he's in no place to judge Gio, but he considers that the Mexican could stay with the club to regain his level and show his quality.

"He had a great opportunity to stay with the team and prove his quality, prove himself and get ready physically."

The eldest of the Dos Santos brothers decided to leave Los Angeles Galaxy because he had to lower his salary around 25% if he wanted to stay with the club, which meant that Gio would gain 1.5 million dollars instead of $6 million as he couldn't remain as a Designated Player.

Despite the low activity of Giovani dos Santos in the 2018 season, Ibra managed to see the quality in the Mexican International, as he stood out, even though Zlatan says he did not see much of him so he can't judge him.

"I missed it last season, but in the few things I did see he is a quality player, but I can't judge him because he didn't play much, " but Ibrahimovic added that if Gio would have been on the field against Chicago Fire, could have been a different story.

"I am sorry for the situation, because for example, with him against Chicago it would have been a different story."

Zlatan wished the best to Gio dos Santos for the future, since he must choose his next destination quite well as of now, his destiny is in the hands of the MLS.