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Alessandro del Piero owner of a Los Angeles soccer team

Alessandro del Piero while an event with Juventus

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The legendary Italian forward announced through his social networks that he is the new owner of a small soccer team in Los Angeles.

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Alessandro del Piero one of the greatest strikers of Juventus and the Italian National Team during the 90s and early 2000s, he carried the 10 in the back for many years, a significant number for him since this Sunday Del Piero announced through his Twitter account the purchased of a small team in the United States, the LA10FC.

Del Piero became part of the project with the company he co-founded with Jeffrey Whalen, Edge Americas. In a statement, former Juventus player revealed that they bought the team last summer, but decided to keep it anonymous until this Sunday, February 24 announcing he is happy to be part of it.

Where does LA10FC compete?

LA10FC competes in the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL), an amateur soccer league of the United States, considered third division. In recent years has grown to an age limit through -sub10 and sub18 - besides having a women's league.

The colors of the club are white, black and gray and you can follow them through their social networks. Alessandro del Piero closed his statement with a question for his followers: "So, will you support us?"