Don Garber probes into the future of sports gambling in the MLS

Don Garber MLS Comissioner at a sports panel

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The MLS Commissioner talked in an interview about the future of the league in the wake of the decision of the supreme court in terms of sports gambling.

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After the decision of the supreme court about sports gambling Don Garber, MLS Commissioner joined Grant Wahl of Planet Futbol to discuss the subject and how this will affect the MLS.

Garber said that all pro-sports leagues look for ways to connect with their fanbase, the MLS will be as aggressive as other leagues on trying to get a deeper relationship with those fans that want to utilize gambling.

The Commissioner mentioned that the league would try to understand how to aggregate data for those fans who want to be able to use gambling to get a financial benefit as well as looking for fan development through it.

Garber also said that the league would soon announce a relationship with a gambling company that will sponsor the MLS. Also, a Data company that will be able to provide their fans with more information so they could use all that to connect with their fans.

"Something's been going on, we might as well find a way to monetize it, and we're working hard to figure out the right way to do that."