Luis Severino reaches a four-year deal with the New York Yankees

Luis Severino pitching during a New York Yankees game

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The 24-year-old Dominican pitcher has reached an agreement to extend his contract with the New York Yankees in a four years and 40 million dollar deal.

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The New York Yankees will have pitcher for a while after reaching an agreement with Luis Severino, the Dominican player of 24 years who will remain for four years with the team.

Both parts avoided going to arbitration with this deal that consists of a four-year $40 million deal that will grant him 40 million dollars over a four-year contract with an option for a fifth season which covers one season of free agency.

In case of the Yankees making valid the fifth year option, Severino would reach the free agency by age 29 and could earn $15 million for the extra campaign.

The most outstanding of 2018

The Dominican was one of the best pitchers of the MLB team, coming off a ninth-place finish in Cy Yong Award voting. He got 19 wins in 32 starts last season recording a 129 ERA and 4.78 strikeouts per walk summing a total of 220 strikeouts with an average fastball of 97.6 miles ph for the second year in a row.