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Diego Lainez considered the Mexican Messi in France

France Football portal said that the ex-American player has qualities like those of the Argentine star, in addition to sentencing that Olympique de Lyon let go a good purchase.

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Diego Lainez celebrates after scoring his side's equalizer during the UEFA Europa League round of 32 soccer match between Rennes and Real Betis
David Vincent AP

The history of Diego Lainez in the Old Continent begins excellently, because after scoring his first goal with the Real Betis jersey, which helped the Verdiblancos in the Europa League, the French portal, France Football qualified him as the 'Mexican Messi.'

Lainez made his debut in the continental tournament in the round of 32 first leg against the Stade de Rennes and with few minutes in the field, the ex-American jewel managed to tie his team with a great hitting technique because the ball was unreachable for the goalkeeper, which is why the portal as mentioned earlier decided to dedicate him some lines.

The highlight of the note is that the critical football page mentions that Lainez is the 'Messi' of Mexico making the comparison by his excellent way of handling the ball.

Also, the article mentions the great opportunity that Olympique de Lyon had to catch the services of the young Mexican and indicated that they expect Betis to increase Lainez cost considerably soon.