San Diego Sockers

Landon Donovan's ready for his debut with San Diego Sockers

Landon Donovan celebrating after scoring with his former MLS team Los Ángles Galaxy

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The American striker and former Los Ángeles Galaxy super star will make his debut at the Major Arena Soccer League against the Tacoma Stars.

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This Friday night will see a comeback of Landon Donovan again to the soccer fields though this time it will be in the Major Arena Soccer League with the San Diego Sockers.

Donovan will debut with his new team against the Tacoma Stars in a night that he does not consider as an out of retirement kind of thing because he has never felt that way.

However, the former LA Galaxy striker said: "I told my wife that the only way I would consider playing again was with a unique opportunity if it was a good experience for my family and me, that it could make me happy, this checked all the boxes."

The 36-year-old player signed two weeks ago a contract with the Sockers for the rest of the campaign, a chance he considers as the last one of his career.

San Diego Sockers

The Sockers lead the Pacific Division and have the best record in the league among 17 teams. Have won 14 titles since 1982, including 10 in 11 seasons, under the orders of Ron Newman.

The city of San Diego needs a sports revival since the Chargers move to LA and the Padres haven't make it into playoffs since 2006, so Landon Donovan is eager to be part of the indoor soccer team and help them achieve the title by the end of the season.