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Wolverhampton would buy Raúl Jiménez in 30 million euros

The Mexican international is living the best moment of his career in the Premier League after being a consistent starter and the scorer of the 'Wolves.'

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Raúl Jiménez celebrating after scoring with his current team the 'Wolves' of the Premier League

According to the Daily Mirror, Wolverhampton is willing to pay around 30 million euros for Raúl Jiménez during the next transfer market.

Raúl Jiménez arrived with the 'Wolves' on loan at the start of the current campaign, and since he landed in the Premier League, the Mexican striker has shown his value to the English team.

So far the 27-years-old player has scored 11 goals in all competitions becoming the top scorer of his team, reason why the Chinese owners of the Wolverhampton have no trouble with paying the price Benfica's asking.

'Wolves' want to secure the buying of Raúl before some other club starts asking for him and could interfere in their negotiations.

Benfica is not eager to get Jiménez back so they will agree to sell the player, but the transaction will only happen if the English team pays the amount of money the Portuguese squad wants.

Right now Raúl Jiménez has a market value set on 18 million euros according to Transfermarkt.