Landon Donovan: the MLS will become the first sport in the USA

Landon Donovan celebrating after scoring with his former MLS team Los Ángles Galaxy

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According to former USMNT striker, Landon Donovan, the Major League Soccer will become one day the first sport in the United States, over leagues like the MLB or NBA.

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The MLS overpass the NFL at the most crucial event for them, the final of the MLS Cup and the Super Bowl, opening the debate that years ago was unthinkable, that soccer can shadow football.

A debate that during an interview with ESPN, the American striker, Landon Donovan's ready to talk about, he even suggested that the MLS is close to catching up leagues like the MLB or the NBA.

Donovan thinks that the Major League Soccer is gaining ground, that baseball the most American sport of them all, an identity for the people of the United States, is losing the interest in the younger ones that it is becoming a sport for old people.

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Captain America believes that in around 5 to 15 years the MLS will become the third or the second and even the first sports of the States above the MLB or the NBA even though basketball has great momentum right now.

Explaining that the reason that the franchises at the MLS are so expensive now only means the growth of the sport because it's becoming a great business for the people with money to invest.