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Almeyda's using Samurai code with the San José Earthquakes

San José Earthquakes staff after training camp in Cancun

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Matías Almeyda, manager of the San José Earthquakes is basing his training method in the Bushido code of the Japanese Samurais to reach all their goals for the 2019 season.

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The new era of the San José Earthquakes with the Argentine strategist, Matías Almeyda, has come with the philosophy from the old world as he commented in an interview with ESPN.

Bushido, the code of moral principles in which the samurais were instructed in years of training in the law of honor, obedience, duty, and self-sacrifice establish them. To become a samurai, this code had to be mastered.

This code is Almeyda's philosophy for the Quakes, the one that he's been using during training camp in Cancun. The players know this is the mentality they need to embrace after the disaster of last season and if they want to accomplish reaching the postseason, classifying to CONCACAF Champions League, win the U.S. Open Cup or the MLS Cup.

"I am a fan of the history of the Samurai people; it is challenging to implement a code like that in life, I try to do it in my life, but is it not always achieved, it is tough, but I try," said Almeyda.

This training at Cancun consisted of a double day session that started at 6 in the morning to have a light snack, rode a bicycle a mile to reach the training grounds to train at 7:30 am. After the first session, they went back to the hotel, bathed, changed, had breakfast to take a nap. Then they ate to returned at 5 o'clock to training.

"The idea is to be a protagonist; quickly adapting our game system, which is going to be that of an aggressive team to score, a team that has the mobility to play," expressed the Argentine.

Almeyda wants the Quakes as a strong team that won't stop after mistakes; they will fight to get back the ball as quick as possible. He plans to start the 2019 MLS season at the top level to send the message that in this new era it won't be easy to defeat them.