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Landon Donovan regrets about his rivalry against Mexico

 Landon Donovan #10 of the U.S. celebrates an assist on a goal by teammate Jozy Altidore in action against Trinidad and Tobago during a FIFA 2010 World Cup Qualifying match

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The striker known as 'Captain America' during an interview showed remorse and said he was sorry for the things he did and said against Mexico during his time as a player.

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One of the biggest rivalries in the world of soccer and CONCACAF is the one between Mexico and the United States, games that are characterized by the strength of the plays.

One of the most antagonist characters of this rivalry was Landon Donovan the historical player of the USMNT, who during an elimination game to attend the 2004 Athens Olympics peed on the field of the Jalisco Stadium, unleashing the annoyance of the Mexicans and from that moment on, the USA vs. Mexico's games were increasingly explosive.

Donovan talked with ESPN about those years, and the United States striker showed regret of the attitudes he took during that time.

"When I was young I was very stupid, talking silly things, I did not understand well the rivalry between the two countries and the respect."

Also explaining that with the pass of the years and by getting experience, becoming more mature he started to understand the meaning of the rivalry and regretting all the things he did against Mexico during his time as a footballer. He had already apologized for what happened at the Jalisco Stadium.

Donovan at the moment

Landon retired from the professional soccer fields in 2018; his last club was Leon FC of Liga MX. Now he has a new adventure joining the Indoor Soccer of the United States; his current team is San Diego Sockers.