MLS the third most watched league through Facebook

Atlanta United celebrating the MLS Cup 2018 championship

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It's so exciting trying to figure out how sports are consumed on the internet around the world, which leagues get the most views or are the most searched.

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It's an interesting fact that Facebook is the most popular social network in India, with an average of 2 hrs per day of people consuming sports inside social media mainly through their phones.

The MLS is the third most watched league on Facebook with around of 95M views over the Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1. While in India the American league also occupies the third spot with 20.3 million views, the Spanish league is the one with more views with 60M followed by the Premier League with 44M views. All these numbers come from the Asian country.

Actually, in terms of percentages of total global views from India, the MLS leads with 21% which means that the American leagues get the 21% of their views on Facebook from India, followed by the Bundesliga and the Premier League with 11% and 9.5% each.

MLS the third most watched league through Facebook

India's global ranking in Facebook consumption for soccer have the Major Soccer League in the second place while the Premier League and the Bundesliga are tied at first, La Liga sits in the sixth place.

This all means that the Indian people are more interested in consuming MLS content in Facebook than for example La Liga or the Serie A, but according to the numbers even though the Spanish league is the one more viewed globally, the MLS is despite all, the third consumed league in a top social network like Facebook.