Floyd Mayweather: UFC would give me 1 billion dollars to fight

The boxer knew what it is worth and bragged about the millions of dollars that he would get if he accepts a contract with the UFC to fight in the cage this time.

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Floyd Mayweather mocks about Conor McGregor before their fight

The star of American boxing, Floyd Mayweather, is under the eyes of the UFC and the American has presumed what the company would pay for a deal of three or four fights, nothing more and nothing less than a billion dollars.

The boxing star made this statement to Kevin Hart in the last episode of "Clod As Balls," and said that if he accepted a contract with the MMA company, he would be paid a billion dollars, an impressive figure that shows the profits which generate having Floyd in the cage.

In the other hand, Dana Withe accepted that she had a LEGIT interest to convince the boxer to make a deal, and clarified that they have been trying to close this for more than a year, since December 2017.

Mayweather in the cage

Floyd is not against this possibility; the fighter even mocked at a possible MMA fight with Conor McGregor in 2018, also got into the cage.

Floyd's answer

The approach of this does not seem very early, because the boxer is satisfied with what he has and does not seem to lack money. "I am sincere, my life is excellent, smart investments, I can buy what I want, every month," he concluded.