Woman dies after baseball of 93mph at Dodgers Stadium

Dodgers Stadium at night view from above

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The incident occurred last August during the MLB game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres when a speed ball hit the woman in the head.

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It was during a game between Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres on August 25 of 2018, that during the ninth inning of that night Kenley Jansen unleashed a 93-mph heater, that a San Diego Padres hitter sliced it nearly straight back into the stands.

That ball went just over the protective netting behind home plate straight into a 79-year-old woman, Linda Goldbloom's head, who was recently known passed away four days after the incident.

Despite her quick transfer to the hospital, the doctors said that Goldbloom was paralyzed, unable to open her eyes and with assisted breathing.

Several days later and observing that the situation did not improve, the family chose to disconnect her from the machines, and Goldbloom died due to a cranial hemorrhage. The Dodgers have already announced that they will deal with the case directly with the family.

Goldbloom’s death is the first directly attributed to a foul ball in nearly 50 years. The most significant recent incident was the near miss at Yankee Stadium on Sep 2017, when a foul ball hit a two-year-old girl in the face.

As a result, MLB teams decided to put nets in the most prone areas that the balls could reach to avoid these situations.