McGregor coach challenges actor Steven Seagal to a Bellator fight

Through his Twitter account, Dillon Danis challenged the nineties Hollywood star to a Bellator fight, because he was upset by the actor's support of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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Dillon Denis McGregor coach and Hollywood actor Steven Seagal

UFC fighter Conor McGregor coach, Dillon Danis has challenged Hollywood superstar Steven Seagal on social media after the actor showed his support on the attitude of Khabib Nurmagomedov had last October where the Russian fighter attacked the Irish's team, especially the Jiujitsu coach.

Danis took on social media to showcase his discomfort posting on twitter a challenge to face the Hollywood actor known for his action/fighting movies back in the nineties.

"Me vs. Seagal set it up Bellator MMA"

Seagal declared on Submission Radio his support of what the lightweight champion did at UFC 229, causing Denis to react on his words and challenge the actor to a fight.

One could think that the problem between the two fighters was over after the suspension from the Nevada Athletic Commission, but there are still issues in the air.

BJ Penn

MMA Bellator promoter shared Dillon's tweet, where the Jiujitsu has his career as a mixed martial arts fighter.