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Foreign players in local leagues affect World Cup possibilities?

The Venezuelan player Josef Martínez with Atlanta United of the MLS

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According to the statics the MLS is the league with more foreign players in this market they add around 50 more. The USMNT haven't been able to reach the final stages of the World Cup.

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It is said that having a local league full of foreign players create consequences in their National Teams regarding tournaments like the World Cup.

Some countries send their players to different leagues in the world to become more competitive in time for the most important championship in the world of soccer.

According to the statistics shown at @MLS_Buzz the MLS has a 54.7% of foreign players in their league, and it looks like that number could grow with the more than 50 players that arrived in this market like Rodolfo Zelaya or Gonzalo 'Pity' Martínez.

The Mexican League has a 39% of foreign players and Chile 21.4% for ex. But none of these leagues have made an impact in the World Cup, which brings to mind what influence this number could have in it.

In Europe, England counts with 67.4% and Portugal with 63.2% while Germany has a 53.7%, France 47.6% and Spain 42% of foreign in their leagues, all of them are World Cup Champions.

So the question is, how much impact does having foreign players in local championships affect the possibilites to reach the ultimate goal- the World Cup.