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Matías Almeyda: I have a healthy relationship with Jorge Vergara

Matías Almeyda during his time as coach of Mexican team, Chivas in Guadalajara

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The new manager of the San José Earthquakes of the MLS, the Argentine, Matías Almeyda addressed in an interview the subject about his relationship with ex-boss, Jorge Vergara.

With the new season of the MLS coming on March, Matías Almeyda will start his time as coach of the San José Earthquakes. The Argentine is ready to take on his new role where the expectations are high.

But after his departure from the Mexican team, Chivas, a lot has been said regarding his relationship with the club's president, Jorge Vergara.

Almeyda talked with Fox Sports and addressed the subject saying that he has a healthy relationship with Vergara a person who he admires, that will always have a place in his heart.

"Jorge and I haven't talked for a while, I talk more with Amaury and part of his family. Jorge is a person that I will always have in my heart. He is a genius, a guy who saw much further, he made a school to change a mentality, we as trainers try to follow his line to do that and we achieve it"

Almeyda also talked about why he had a hard time leaving Mexico after he left Chivas, even though he was excited about coming to the MLS, that's why some of his staff and him stayed for a while longer in that country.

"Yes, it was hard for me to leave Mexico, it was a difficult change. In fact, many of the technical staff when we finished our relationship with Chivas stayed in Mexico. The circumstances lead me to leave for many reasons, I already explained them and some I will never explain. But I take with me, as a coach, the most beautiful memory. The affection of the people of Chivas".