Allan Rivera a Honduran who sought a better life is in jail

Allan Rivera while in jail after being detained by ICE

Mario Guevara


Allan Rivera left his promising career as a footballer to seek a better future in the US, due to the crime rate that exists in his country and Central America.

Allan Rivera a 20-year-old who left his country in search of a better life and the American dream. One of the promises of Honduran football took his things and left with the caravan bound for the United States in order to seek better opportunities, but he ended up in prison.

A promising future was what people hoped for him, but the difficult economic and social situation in Honduras forced Allan to make the most complicated decision of his life. He joined the caravan that sought to cross the border.

The reasons why

He left everything to seek his father in the United States reflect that no matter how much you have or how famous you are, the most important thing is your safety and of your loved ones. Rivera always thought that he would be arriving in the US by plane, but it was not like that, he had to take his things and cross a river to look for an opportunity.

Allan Rivera with Honduras National Team

The soccer player spoke with Mundo Hispano and talked about the situation in Honduras and the reasons why he had to leave his career in Central America to become one of the thousands of Hondurans who joined the caravan.

"I had several altercations in Honduras. My first car was stolen and I was kidnapped when I was 17 years old. In 2017 they robbed me another car and all the belongings in my apartment, threatened my family and me. Who can live like this? After being a victim on several occasions I decided to embark on an even more dangerous journey that by doing so I could improve the life of my entire family like mine".

After dreaming of going to the United States by plane, he had to do it on foot and by raft. The worst thing is he didn't manage to finish the trip since he was detained by the Border Patrol before sending him to a Detention Center in Texas by The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service and finally put him in jail.

Support System

During this time he has been supported by his father the only family member he has close to him and by Roger Espinoza; a Honduran player from Sporting Kansas City who has promised to help him return to the world of football once he gets out of jail.

Despite everything he has suffered in the past 10 months, Allan Rivera hopes to return to his life as a footballer. He is confident that everything will turn out well, that when he least expects it he'll be back on the field.

It is clear that he does not want to go back to his country since he doesn't want to relive his past. Besides, his biggest dream is to play in the MLS or why not in Europe.