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Netherlands doesn't want to compare Lainez with Messi

Diego Lainez during the final of Apertura 2018 against Cruz Azul

Isaac Ortiz


Piet de Visser said that is not possible to compare Club America young star Diego Lainez with Messi because nobody can compare with the Argentine crack.

Many times the Club American star, Diego Lainez has been compared with Messi. However, Piet de Visser, the Dutch recruiter who discovered Ronaldo and Romario believes that nobody can compare with the Argentine crack.

With the eternal saga between Lainez and Ajax not coming to an end, opinions about the bright future of the young striker are more than expected. Piet de Visser said that the Mexican cannot be compared to Lionel Messi but he will not have problems to succeed in the Eredivisie.

"I've seen them all the new 'Messis'. The real one, when he was 13 years old. At that level these guys cannot compare, there is no one to compare with him. A player like Messi is born once in a lifetime", explained Visser in an interview for 'NOS'.

However, Piet de Visser didn't deny the talent that the Mexican jewel has saying he is impressed with the qualities of Lainez. In fact, he wants Ajax to make the signing as soon as possible so he could contribute from now on.

"He's a super talent. A player with a lot of technique and speed, with many qualities and possibilities. It's still a bit playful, not so strong and it has to be more effective, he can be left to the front, to the right though it's more of a dribbler. It is dangerous toward the bands," said the recruiter.