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AS USA most read news in english - May 27th, 2018

AS USA most read news in english - May 27th, 2018

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Once again, Real Madrid leads the most read news in AS USA this May 27th. Their championship against Liverpool and a statement from Carles Puyol.

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1 | Real Madrid 3 - 1 Liverpool: resumen, resultado y goles

Real Madrid won their fifth Champions League in four years. Cristiano Ronaldo didn't score, but Gareth Bale came out of the bench to make two goals; one of them with a terrible mistake of Liverpool's goalkeeper. It's the 13th title in this tournament for Spain's squad.

2 | Resultado y goles Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool: la 13ª Champions

Madrid was thrilled with the white squad's 13th title in Champions League. The whole city celebrated the victory of Real Madrid over Liverpool. Kiev received both clubs in order to play the big final, but it was Zidane and his boys who managed to obtain the trophy.

3 | Puyol: "Enhorabuena a los madridistas, hay que reflexionar"

After Real Madrid won the Champions League's title, Carles Puyol, former defender of Barcelona and eternal rival of the white squad, published a serious message. "Way to go, Madrid's fans, it's time to rethink", stated the spanish player. He demonstrated a lot of class by recognizing their championship, but he is not happy with how his former club is doing their job.

4 | Cristiano sugiere que se va del Madrid: "Fue bonito estar aquí; daré una respuesta en días..."

"It was great to be here; I will give an answer in the next days", said Cristiano Ronaldo when the game against Liverpool was over. He was not happy with his performance in the pitch last night and he let the rumours begin. Afterwards, CR7 stablished that he didn't use the correct words, but that he will think what will happen next.

5 | Núria Tomás, ex de Piqué, responde a los que le culpan de su 'ruptura' con Shakira

Did Piqué and Shakira broke up? Well, Núria Tomás, former girlfriend of Barcelona's player, said that she is not the reason of the possible break up ok 'Pikira'. Some rumours stablished that he returned with Tomás and cheted on the singer, but there is no more information available. Let's see what happens bewteem the couple.

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