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AS USA most read news - May 19th 2018

The movements in Mexico's soccer league, an action from Yerry Mina and the new ranking that puts Messi above Cristiano are some of the most read news in AS USA.

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AS USA most read news - May 19th 2018

1 | Futbol de Estufa Liga MX Apertura 2018. ¡Rumores, altas y bajas del fútbol mexicano!

There is a new sheriff in Cruz Azul and a new hope is emerging in the blue team. Ricardo Peláez has taken the job as sports director and he announced Elías Hernández as a new member of the club. Also, América, one of the most popular squads in Mexico, welcomes Luis Reyes to become a meber of the Águilas.

2 | La acción de Yerry Mina que se ha hecho viral: tremendo el final

Barcelona's left back had some problems to handle what seemed was an easy ball and he let the sphere go out to a corner, but thats not what has made this video viral. The colombian player hit one referee at the end, but he helped him get back in two feet.

3 | No gustará a los merengues: el ránking que dice que Messi es el mejor y Cristiano el 16

The Soccer Observatory states that, based on the numbers of national championships, there are 25 players that are the best of Europe. The first one is Lionel Messi, who received a 92.62 punctuation. Then is David Silva with a 91.69 score. And the third one is Paulo Dybala with 91.37. Cristiano Ronaldo is in the 16th spot with a 88.58 score.

4 | El secreto que Messi guarda en su casa y que ilusionó a Roncero

Tomás Roncero was thrilled with Lionel Messi and his collection of jerseys. In a picture that shows the memorabilia that Barcelona's striker has, there is one from Manolas, the player of AS Roma. The italian club defeated the one from Spain in Champions League, but the argentinian left behind the score to receive his rival's shirt.

5 | Messi se rinde al Madrid y explica el porqué de su hegemonía en Champions

Lionel Messi talked about the great level of Real Madrid. "Position by position, they have great players. They made a great year by their heart. We relaxed against Roma and we thought we were already at semifinals", stated the striker about Barcelona's problem to succeed in Champions Leagiue this year.