AS USA most read news in english - May 12th, 2018

AS USA most read news in english - May 12th, 2018

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The new players of Real Madrid, including the story of Neymar and the possibility of seeing him wearing the white jersey, are among the most read news of the day.

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1 | Zidane anuncia fichajes

The coach of Real Madrid talked about the future of the squad. Zidane confirmed that the team of La Liga will announce the new players of the club after the Champions League final against Liverpool. The ultimate target is Neymar, but the organization could have a pair of surprises for their fans.

2 | Real Madrid vs Celta

Once again, Real Madrid appears in the list of the most read news in AS USA from the 12th of May. With an incredible performance of Gareth Bale, Isco and Toni Kroos, the squad from Spain's capital scored six goals to Celta de Vigo; three of them in the first half. Although the title belongs to Barcelona, they are preparing for the Champions League final.

3 | Real Madrid: Todos los mensajes del vestuario a Neymar

"The good ones are always compatible", said Zidane about the possibility of having Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo playing in the same team. They were once rivals, but now some players of Real Madrid, including Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Carvajal, Casemiro and Varane have talked about a probable future with the brazilian striker back in Spain, but now with the white jersey on.

4 | El monto que se llevará Keylor Navas si gana la Champions

If everything goes as planned for Real Madrid, their goalkeeper, Keylor Navas, would be earning a considerable ammount of money. The player from Costa Rica could return home with some extra cash, $1.35 millions of dollars to be more precise, but first they have to beat the english squad in the Champions League final.

5 | Real Madrid-Neymar: una operación con 5 actores

How could Neymar end in Real Madrid? Well, there are five persons that are involved in the transaction: Florentino Pérez, the PSG player, his father, Pini Zahavi (agent) and Tabim bin Hamad al-Thani, owner of the team from France. If every piece works correctly, there will be white jerseys with the number eleven and the name of the striker printed on them the next season.

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