AS USA most read news in english - May 3rd, 2018

Champions League continues stealling attention while Europa League erupts as Atletico de Madrid qualifies for the final against Olympique Marseille.

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AS USA most read news in english - May 3rd, 2018

1 | Liverpool fans angry after misunderstanding Real Madrid '13' shirt

Liverpool fans missunderstood the shirt Real Madrid players dressed after qualifying to the Champions League final in Kiev. The shirt showed a big '13', which means the 13° European Cup the spaniards would win if they beat Liverpool in Kiev next may 26th. The fans tought Real Madrid were already taking for settled they have won, which would have meant they were disrespecting Liverpool. The fans ignored the whole sentence: "A por la 13", which means 'Let's go for the 13 Cup".

2 | Emre Mor won't play for Celta again after Unzué bust-up

Troubles between Celta's striker Emre Mor and the team's coach, Juan Carlos Unzué, finally burst as Mor did not attend the last training session. Celta is set to face Deportivo La Coruña in Galician derby, but Mor will not have any minutes on the pitch. This is the last chapter in a tense relationship between coach and player. It is very likelty that Mor won't play again for Celta until Unzué is in charge.

3 | Atlético 1-0 Arsenal (2-1 agg) Europa League 2018: report

Atletico de Madrid beat Arsenal and qualified for its first Europa League final since 2012. Diego Costa scored the only goal in the match played in a vibrant Wanda Metropolitano. Arsene Wenger lost his final european match coaching Arsenal and Diego Simeone was banished into a corporate box, where he suffered and later celebrated Atletico's accomplishment. Atlético will face Olympique Marseille in the final, set to be held in Lyon on may 16th. 

4 | Klopp: “Real Madrid needed luck and so did we

Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp said after his side qualified for the Champions League final against Real Madrid that his team was lucky, just as the spaniards were. Klopp meant both teams suffered for earning their accomplishments, he did not said a word about referee controversies: "We needed it only one time tonight. Real Madrid needed luck yesterday too. That’s how it is. [...] The boys deserve it".

5 | Kroos: "We will have to make room in the trophy cabinet"

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos granted an interview to Time 4 Sport were he look proud of the victories the team has earned in the last 4 years, insinuating that Santiago Bernabéu's trophy exhibition would not be big enough for storage more cups: "When it comes to the Champions League we have an extra motivation", he said.